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Music Player Mp3 for Android


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Download Applikasi Music Player Mp3 Apk Gratis

Game Android Terbaik murah adalah gudang aplikasi atau untuk android, dimuat dan digunakan secara teratur dan secara luas dalam beberapa kali. Salah satu aplikasi yang paling khas adalah Music Player Mp3 . Jika Anda ingin memiliki aplikasi besar ini, silahkan download dan menguji!.

Informasi Applikasi:
- Nama: Music Player Mp3
- Ukuran:
- Penerbit: AndroidRockers
- Versi Saat Ini:
- Perlu Android versi: 4.0 dan lebih tinggi
- Pemasangan: 500.000 - 1.000.000
- Diperbarui: 28 Mei 2017

Gambar Music Player Mp3 Apk Applikasi Untuk Android
Gambar Applikasi Music Player Mp3 Apk Terbaru Untuk Android

Download Music Player Mp3 untuk android

Download Music Player Mp3 Gratis Baru Untuk Android

Music Player Mp3(La Musique Music)
Ellipse Music Player has been renamed to Music Player Mp3

Simple is the new smart.

☆ NOTE ☆

This is a Music Player not a Music Downloader.

Music Player is a new material design music player with lots of features

One of the most beautiful and powerful material design music player for Android!

This app is one of the most powerful yet simple and surprisingly faster than other music player.


Support one button and multiple buttons headsets. Leave your device in the pocket and customize every button function!

Highlighted functions:
- Awesome Material design music player
- Small size, low memory usage and innovative.
- Supports Lock Screen and many Widgets.
- Supports Headset total Control.
- 7 Band Equalizer with Bass Boost and Preset Support
- Scrobbling support via scrobble droid and simple

Innovative Feature:
❤ Create and Edit Playlist
❤ embedded lyrics support
❤ lyric support via third party plugin
❤ full support for Notification Controls.
❤ Bluetooth Controls
❤ SHAKE IT to skip it
❤ 6 Theme and 6 accent Color
❤ gapless playback support
❤ programmable sleep timer
❤ Ability to Customize Every aspect of app
❤ Light and Dark Theme
❤ Listen to Songs where you left off always
❤ many sorting modes to sort the songs you want
❤ Auto Album Art Downloader
❤ Stop Song after completion (useful for learning)
❤ View recently played,recently added, most played songs
❤ mark songs as favorite or rate tracks
❤ Ability to See album artist genre recent in 6 different types
❤ Ability to change grid column of album artist genre and recent tab
❤ Ability to Track Most Played Tracks with count
❤ Ability to see Album Artist instead of Artist only
❤ Personalized Section in App
❤ Add Remove Sort Tab in Library
❤ Select Default Tab in Library
❤ Folder Tab in Library
❤ La Musique Music

and many more

Pro Only Feature:
❤ 38 Themes Colors
❤ 38 Accent Colors
❤ Song Meta Data Editing
❤ Lyrics and Album Art Editing
❤ See Rated Tracks
❤ Cross Fade Play Pause and Customize Duration
❤ Ability to change single, double and triple actions
❤ Show Playback Rate and Sample rate of song in Playing view
❤ Show Total count info in Notification and playing View
❤ Artist Image on Lock Screen Widget and Playing View
❤ Blur Lock Screen and Widget Art
❤ Create Shortcut for Playlist Artist and Album
❤ All Future Features
❤ Developer Love
❤ No Ads
and many more

For any issues ,please drop us a mail instead of giving 1 star.
Please Make sure to try the free version first before purchasing .

Become a Beta Tester :

Album and Artist images used in the screenshots are licensed under Public Domain License:
Gambar Applikasi Music Player Mp3 android
Unduh Gratis Applikasi Music Player Mp3 Apk Untuk Android

Download Music Player Mp3 untuk android
Unduh Gratis Applikasi Music Player Mp3 Apk Untuk Android

Applikasi Music Player Mp3 gratis on website untuk android terbaru dengan berbagai fitur menarik, atraktif. Download Applikasi untuk android saat Anda offline!

Download Music Player Mp3 for Android


APK file


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The Application Music Player Mp3 does not contain malicious code, Commitment not change the application Music Player Mp3, and the application is not harmful.

Music Player Mp3 is totally free for users. You only need to Download and Install Music Player Mp3 guidance is possible to enjoy the great features of it. You will not need to pay any fees during using.
Please read our Terms Of Service before downloading. The App is free from developer, BestApp provides the service to transfer the shared content supplied by the developer to mobile users...
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